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Dance Studio software... Designed & written by people in dance!


As the owner of a Dance Studio for over 15 years - Nicole Aravena encountered numerous challenges in trying to schedule normal Studio Classes, private teacher sessions, open classes for auditions, photo shoots, parent meetings and so much more.   Trying Dry Eraser boards to desk calendars with stacks of post-it notes, crossed out writing and writing on top of past notes became a frustration.   Then came the constant texts, emails and phone calls at all hours from Parents, teachers and staff trying to see who was available, when and in what room.


What resulted were missed appointments, double bookings and last minute changes with teachers or staff already traveling to teach.   Something had to change.   So she had a basic scheduling program written, this helped enormously.  However it was old and after a while it crashed and failed and she needed not only a replacement but something far better than before.   Westchester Technologies took up the task.   Using Nicole Aravena as a consultant - being not only a Studio owner but also a Teacher she helped give us one side of Dance Studio Scheduling.   Since the owner of Westchester Technologies is also a Dance Dad, he was able to see things from the parent side.   So the goal was to design a web service that specifically looked out for the Parent, the Teacher and the Studio Owner so that everyone worked together with the goal of having a seamless, stress free Scheduling system that would email all needed parties, send night before reminders and provide features to watch for scheduling conflicts, double bookings, student double assignment conflicts and more.   Performances for handling Duo's and Trio's, Group Enrollments to assign to Studio Classes.  There is even a Renter system for outside teachers to rent time and space in a studio and the Studio Owner has total control of it.


PrimeTime Scheduler is the result of this colaboration and is now available for ALL Dance Studio's to take advantage of.   Its a 24/7 Work assistant that never takes vacations, sick days or time off.   It allows Teachers to post their classes around Studio Classes at their convenience any time and Parents are automatically notified of new class openings and they can book in the middle of the day or the middle of the night.  The best part...   You, the Studio Owner - your phone and email inbox are no longer getting a constant barrage of requests, cancellations, changes and so forth.   PrimeTime Scheduler is there, doing it all for you.  Now you can focus on Choreography, music for dance routines, choosing costumes and so much more.  Finally you get to run your Studio instead of it running you.     Welcome to having your life back!


Curt Vendel