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Welcome to PrimeTime Scheduler

The company was formed in 2015 to provide Dance Studio's with a better way to manage them.

Running a Dance Studio can be a struggle. Especially for new studio owners just getting started. Having the right tools to help them grow and become bigger and more profittable is essential. Struggling to afford the costs of running a studio can be daunting. This is why we provide a fully function Dance Studio Management service for free. So you can grow bigger without the big costs.

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Our Story

Dance People

The Service was designed by a Dance Dad and a Dance Studio owner who also teaches. Along with input from dozens of dance moms, studio owners and other teachers.

With so many Dance Studio services charging outrageously high fees, many small and new studio's just can't get off the ground and compete. Now the playfield is more even. Get the features and abilities of the big guys without the big costs. Now go Dance!.

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